Day 5 Up the Mountain

Day 5 we started by scaling the Baranco wall…wow, “kiss the rock” means just that. At the highest point the clouds moved momentarily to reveal the peak. I cried for Ian, having worn his pink T-shirt. Needless to say we all made it, and a series of ups and downs to get us to Karanga Camp by 1:30 pm. The mist that accompanied us traversing the river valley became rain as we approached. So after lunch we’ve been hunkered in our tent trying to be warm and some version of dry. Change in the program for summit day…leaving around 5 am so will be in daylight. I am suspicious that James will propose to Melissa at the summit. Nelson asked what I want to do. I forgot to mention call my girls. Got through using LTE so I think I can manage but have to tell them the new time.
Gail was able to text Erin with the new info.
James read some positive affirmations and reminded me that we’re on a hero’s journey.
Used bungee cords to hang up some wet stuff.
The camp is abuzz in various languages.
Sleep again.