Day 4 Up the Mountain

The sky is now clear and the peak is illuminated by the moon one day away from full, and stars. Frost crystals sparkle from my headlamp on the 12 steps to and from the toilet. It’s 11:30 on the 19th. Today was long as we made it for lunch at Lava Rock, then down to Baranca Camp for dinner and the night. I was not certain that Gail would be with us to the end of the day, but she made it. The whole team sang her into Lava Rock. They say that mental toughness is paramount. She certainly has that.
I trekked for awhile without my daypack as I left Gail and Wingood, finding it more difficult to stop more frequently.
Pulled out my down sweater for the first time and the big mitts.
We have a wall to scale imagetomorrow. But only a 6k day. Then we acclimatize for a day before the summit.
I wept just past Lava Rock at the beauty of this place that looks like the moon one vista and a tropical paradise the next. The Senecio trees are stunning along the river gorge. Saw more Lobelia and other strange plants that dare to grow at almost 5,000m.
At 2:40 am Gail is wishing she was home in her nice clean house, not feeling like she is much of an adventurer. I admit this has been deeply challenging. I feel that the blessings are being constructed and will be seen and felt.