Antimonium Crudum

I have recommended this remedy acutely in numerous cases of Molluscum contagiosum in children to good effect. In India in January 2014 our class saw a case of multiple warts on the hands and scalp that began after the individual swam in a river as a child. Only two remedies are indicated for this. Other […]

Allium Cepa

If you have ever chopped onions and found yourself “crying” you have experienced the Allium cepa state…intense watery eyes affecting vision, running nose with a burning sensation. Notice how some are affected more than others? This illustrates the individuality of susceptibility as well as the Law of Similars, the fundamental principle behind every homeopathic remedy. […]

Aconitum Napellus

I have recommended Aconitum napellus as one of the most important remedies of “onset” in our Materia Medica. Distinguished from Belladonna in fever by Aconite’s fearful restlessness, it is indicated at the start of the acute inflammatory process common to the beginning of many ailments. Indispensable in fever, croup and teething, it is a great […]