Uhuru means “free”

Back on Canadian soil, wearing a lovely African print and beaded jewelry with a heart full of smiling faces, boots muddied with volcanic earth, new muscles eager for the next hiking adventure. There were T-shirts in the Kilimanjaro airport with a few Swahili-English translations. Gail was reading them and learned that the name of the […]

Day 7 Up the Mountain

I have drunk the last of my Chinese herbs at 8:07. The crew that will take us to the top sang to us. We will all pray together before we leave around 5 am. The Daily Word mentioned “backpack” and was very apropos. It is cold here for sure and we have been advised to […]

Day 6 Up the Mountain

It is snowing at base camp. I am thrilled to get into dry polartec long underwear and a reasonably warm tent. We got here in 4 hours of continuous climbing. We are to rest before heading to the summit early tomorrow. We take the summit and return here. Happy to rest. Hope there’s some sunny […]

Day 5 Up the Mountain

Day 5 we started by scaling the Baranco wall…wow, “kiss the rock” means just that. At the highest point the clouds moved momentarily to reveal the peak. I cried for Ian, having worn his pink T-shirt. Needless to say we all made it, and a series of ups and downs to get us to Karanga […]

Day 4 Up the Mountain

The sky is now clear and the peak is illuminated by the moon one day away from full, and stars. Frost crystals sparkle from my headlamp on the 12 steps to and from the toilet. It’s 11:30 on the 19th. Today was long as we made it for lunch at Lava Rock, then down to […]